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Laser Warfare

Once you’re kitted up with the latest lasertag guns (all the way from the USA!), their commanders lead you through a variety of exciting lasertag game scenarios. For parents’ peace of mind, all the lasertag guns are completely harmless - there are no projectiles (unlike paintball) - therefore, no pain and no bruises. And because their laserstag weapons are limitless, you have no need to buy any extra ammo - again, unlike paintball. Their large woodland arena is made up of a mix of natural and man-made made ‘hides’ which help you remain in ‘stealth mode’ as you move around the terrain. Hugely entertaining for kids and adults alike, Laser Warfare is the latest combat game to storm the UK – totally safe and totally fun!


Brentwood Leisure Park
Warley Gap
Warley, Brentwood
CM13 3DP
United Kingdom